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OK TAMAM is a global business group founded in 1992 with the aim of providing legal multiple services in Turkey, the Middle East, and European countries regarding Educational Services, Business Consultation, Real Estate Investment, Tourism and more.

Establish a Company in Turkey

Do you want to start a successful investment in Turkey?

OK TAMAM is your right destination to start your business in Turkey easily and successfully and establish your company in Turkey.

  • A team of legal experts in the field of establishing companies in Turkey.
  • Multilingual staff to help you in any legal procedures or official documents.
  • We established more than 400 companies in Turkey.
  • More than 150 companies in several other countries.
  • We guarantee a successful and safe investment
  • We will do our best to help you to achieve success in Turkey.
تأسيس شركة في تركيا

تأسيس الشركات في أمريكا

ابدأ عملك الخاص في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية واحصل على عروضنا المميزة لتأسيس شركتك في أمريكا

هذا النص هو مثال لنص يمكن أن يستبدل في نفس المساحة، لقد تم توليد هذا النص من مولد النص العربى، حيث يمكنك أن تولد مثل هذا النص أو العديد من النصوص الأخرى إضافة إلى زيادة عدد الحروف التى يولدها التطبيق.

إذا كنت تحتاج إلى عدد أكبر من الفقرات يتيح لك مولد النص العربى زيادة عدد الفقرات كما تريد، النص لن يبدو مقسما ولا يحوي أخطاء.

تأسيس شركة في أمريكا

Professional Service

We guarantee you a professional service as we have more than 35 experts and +20 agent around the world! With OK TAMAM you get a free consultation before setting up your business.

Free Consultations

You get free consultation after registering your company for one year at least. You can rely on us to guide you in your company legal issues and your business in the countries where we operate.

Less Expenses

We provide smart solutions that reduce your payments while saving you effort and achieving your goals. You deserve the best and that’s our motto!

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