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Today we will talk about establishing a company in Turkey and how to start investing. Previously, we explained (Types of companies in Turkey) as well as (Investment Opportunities in Turkey).

To work officially in The Republic of Turkey, you should found a commercial company.

OK TAMAM helps you to do this step in addition to recruiting accountants, administrators, and technician; etc.

Turkey is moving into the world of business and finance faster with a high rate, and it deserves to exist as a commercial body according to the economic statistics. There are facilities to the investors and the way it acts with both Arabian and foreigner markets openly. Turkish manufacturer is a trademark for its productions’ high qualities which is more than its counterparts such as China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

The Steps of Establishing a Company in Turkey

First, the company's headquarters

According to the Turkish Law, to establish a company in Turkey, the company’s headquarters must be exist.

There are two choices to get either a virtual or a real headquarters: –

The first choice is to get a real location which is an actual place for your company. To rent a place that will cost you approximately 1500 to 2000 Tl monthly, in addition to other expenditures such as commission; etc.

The second option is to get a virtual place (Virtual Office in Turkey); which is 100% legal address given to you by the state, but it is not a real place for your business.

Second, Capital of the company

The capital of the company is the main point, where the Turkish law specified that to found a company the minimum capital should be 10.000 Tl. This amount of money cannot obtain you any power, Because the Turkish law deals with the company according to its capital value, so we will announce that the capital is 100.000 and it is useful for you to:-

  • Getting a work/residence permit.
  • The ability to join the commercial organization as TURSAB, Musiad, and others.
  • Be able to perform deals to Export and import goods in accessible ways.

NOTE: It is not necessary to deposit the capital in the bank during the establishment process, the amount has to be deposited before applying for the work permit or within 24 months from the date of establishment.


What are the benefits of founding a company in Turkey by OK TAMAM GROUP?

You will gain multiple benefits such as:-

  • Providing legal and business consultations for free up to 2 years.
  • Discount on registering your logo and slogan to protect your trademark.
  • Help you to get the landline, the internet and the mobile lines for your company.
  • Submit your company’s website to Google Search engine, and accredit it as a Turkish company for free.
  • The company’s book that your bookkeeper will use is free for the first year.
  • Searching for a convenient headquarters suits the estimated budget.
  • We ensure that all formalized processes and procedures for establishing your company in Turkey are fully completed and authorized without any hidden fees.
  • We provide you with a free virtual address, which is 100% legal address up to 2 years so you can start your business in Turkey immediately, and then you could have enough time to determine the place that suits you without rush. After that, you can change your address easily, or you can continue using the virtual address, but with an additional cost that will be explained later.
  • Merchant Card: Provides business people “trader cards” which identifying them as an owner of a business in Turkey, in addition to the benefits of getting conductions for some hotels, restaurants, and health centers.
  • Registering your domain name ( and hosting for free up to 2 years.
  • OK TAMAM will help you to appoint a bookkeeper (legal accountant) and suggests some accountants we trust and work with.
  • Helping you to get furniture for your office according to your specifications and budget.
  • 50% discount on your website and mobile application development.

NOTE: All the mentioned services will be provided according to the package that you will chose.

why investment in Turkey

Now let us start procedures to found a company in Turkey :

Before starting in establishing a company  we have to specify the Type Of The Company type we would like to develop,

We’ve talked before about the companies types in Turkey, sort of the company depends on the company size as the following:

  • Limited liability company
  • Joint stock company
  • Limited partnership corporate
  • Partnership company

Required Documents:

OK TAMAM doesn’t ask for any special documents… all what you need that you have valid passport, we will get all required documents for you, as:

  • A copy of passport translated into Turkish and notarized (we do it for you).
  • Your private tax number (we get it for you).
  • Security approval which allow you to establish your company in Turkey (we get it for you).

Company's Expenses in Turkey

First: The BookKeeper

The Bookkeeper here is the person responsible for the company’s accounts in front of the state and not the internal accountant of your company

The role of this accountant that comes to the end of each month and receives your invoices, expenses, and purchases and records them with the state, The Turkish law requires the presence of this accountant, and the absence of a statement may lead to the closure of the company

the cost of the accountant monthly is 500TL.

Second: The Company's Books

The Company’s Books are the books in which the Company’s accounts are recorded and delivered to the State at the end of the year, the cost of the books is 1400 TL annually.

Third: Corporate Tax

Including annual taxes, quarterly taxes, and rent taxes and The total costs of these taxes are from 2000 to 3000 TL yearly.
Types of Companies in Turkey

Implementation Stages

First stage: The Executive Stage

OK TAMAM will set a meeting for you with the auditor to discuss the best choices for the company, the session will take about one hour.

Through this time, the establishment contract of the company will be made. It will specify the manager, the activities and the address.

Second Stage: Tax Circuit

After completing the establishment contract and get it ratified, OK TAMAM will obtain a tax number for the company.

Third Stage: opening bank account for the company

You will able to deposit the company’s capital, then having a deposit receipt.

Now our representative will complete all procedures with trade chamber till getting the registered number of the company.

Fourth Stage: Signature ratifying

After inquiring all requirement documents, you should ratify your signature in the presence of the notary.

Need Detailed Information?

You can fill out a request form to receive an email for detailed information about establishing companies in Turkey.

We are always available to talk

If you have any questions about establishing companies and starting businesses in Turkey, contact us now


  1. I want to start a air ticketing business in Istanbul . So, i want to get detailed information about legal formalities for commencement and initial expense to start the said business.

    • At first, you must establish a company, you can check the prices list through this link
      Then you must apply for a Tourism license after completing your companys capital and get your work permit.
      Here is some information regarding the Toursim license:

      . You must have a special office just for tourism without doing any other activities in this office.
      . You must hire someone who has an Education degree related to Tourism, e.g.: Hotel management.
      . It has to be someone who can speak English (it will be better if he is a Turkish citizen).
      . We will apply to the Ministry of Tourism, and normally the response takes up to 3 months.
      . After the approval, you have to choose between three options, and the Bank will block money according to your choice from the following:

      1- 7000 TL: for general tourism activities.
      2- 6000 TL: if you’re planning to sell tickets.
      3- 5000 TL: for doing tours for Turkish citizens.

      . Upon the cancellation of the license, the reservation will be canceled.
      . The government fee for (TURSAB) license is 45.200 TL (non-refundable).
      . The annual fee for this license 5% 2260 TL (Yearly Subscription).
      . The company which going to handle these procedures will charge you 7000 TL.

  2. Hello,
    I already have a working permit since i am emplyed in Turkey, but i want to have my own small business on the side as well by selling hand-made goods. (crochet t-shirts, scarfs etc)
    May i open my own business eventhough i already have an existing job?
    I want to do the sales online, so no physical shop or office is needed of me. Bacause of doing the sales online, it was required of me to have a TAX NUMBER which i do not know how to take it. How can you help me about this.

  3. I want to start import and export business. I have alreasy TRC – Red card and i also tax no is same tax number used for company or need new one and also told me how much capital need for import and export business. One think tell me more whats its licence free.

    Thanks and oblige

  4. Hello guys, I am planning to open a logistics and consulting company in Istanbul and I need information from you guys. I have graduated from Istanbul University in the past 2 years. I need full information from you. thanks for your assistance.

  5. Hello,
    I will like to start a African fashion home here in Turkey. I already have a resident permit. Please I will like to know more about your charges and how much it will cost me to register a business .

  6. Hi Omar,

    I am looking to start the Turkish Travel/Tour agency, but want to establish it online without any physical office presence. Kindly guide me the process and your charges.
    Thank you.

    • Hello,
      can you please contact me through email, or directly via WhatsApp on this number 00905495258000 so we can be able to discuss more
      I need to know more details about your business plan

  7. hello,

    for establishing a company in Turkey, is there a need to hire a Turkish person for managing the company?
    İ have a firm in Europe and I wanted to establish a company in Turkey too and be the manager of it myself.
    is it possible?

    • Hello,
      You can establish and be the only owner and manager of the company without the need to hire any Turkish citizen.
      I have sent some information regarding company establishment in Turkey to your email address, kindly check

  8. Good day sir. I want to start a business in Istanbul, Turkey. I already have the money to set up the business, but i don’t have Turkey residence permit. I have overstayed for over one year. Can i still set-up the business?

  9. Hello
    Can i have information if i want to open a restaurant in İstanbul in Mall. What will i need to. How can i start. Especially if i think to be franchisee.

    • Hello,
      We have sent you some information about company establishment in Turkey, in addition to the available franchises for now, kindly check your email

  10. Hi
    I am intent to establish an import/export company here in turkey. However I am not yet ready to rent physical business premises, A-is it possible to do that and B-what is the estimated cost of establishing such a company.

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