About The Imports and Exports Market In Turkey

  • The annual export of Turkish goods is worth $139 billion, and currently, the country ranks as the 25th world’s largest export economy. Learn more about import and export business,
  • The Turkish market has maintained an incredible comeback over the past years in the import and export industry. This has encouraged the investors and traders to set up their companies in Turkey for participating in this market with a big opportunity for higher profits and returns.
  • Turkey is known as an important destination for imported goods in many major countries such as Germany, Russia, Italy, France, and China.
  • The main destinations of Turkish exports are Germany, UK, Iraq, Italy, and France, where many different products such as refined oil, automobiles, iron ore, car parts, and trucks are exported each year.
  • Turkey’s exports in October 2018 reached the highest monthly level in Turkish history. The value of Turkish exports reached $15,732,000, in the last month, with an increase of 13.1% compared to the same period of 2017, as stated by Turkish Minister of Trade Mrs. Ruhsar Pekcan in a news conference held in the south of Ankara.
  • In the same context, the Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Statistics Agency pointed out that Turkish exports increased during September by 22.4% as compared with the same month last year. The value of Turkey’s exports during September reached $14.456.000.000.
  • These figures represent a massive leap from the situation of about 15 years ago. This is in the interest of achieving the goal set by the Turkish government to become one of the top ten economies in the world by 2023.

Examples of some goods exported by Turkey

Metals: copper, iron, mercury, manganese.

Agriculture and food: cotton, figs, grapes, olives, wheat flour, barley, tomatoes, apples, vegetables.

Industry: textile industry, animal and vegetable oils, plastic materials, raw wood and its products, household tools and accessories of all kinds, sugar, cement, tires, auto parts.

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Customs Union for Industrial Goods

Since 1995, Turkey has signed the Customs Union Agreement with European Union countries. According to the agreement, Turkish products must adhere to the specifications with their joint products with the European Union. This agreement applies to industrial goods and manufactured agricultural products.

  • Turkey now ranks seventh in the EU’s import list. In the future, there is a good chance that Turkey will become a member of the European Union.
  • The Turks mainly import cars, gold, refined petroleum, chemicals, machinery, and others.
  • Turkey is also part of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Euromed) Which aims to promote economic integration in 16 countries of the Mediterranean region. The Turkish authorities have signed several double taxation treaties so that foreign investors avoid double taxation.

A value-added tax (VAT)

VAT Exempt Goods and Services (Exemptions without Credit), as well as contract manufacturers to customers in free zones.

Papers required to export any shipment to Turkey

  • Customs clearance
  • Shipping Policy
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Packing regulations
  • Evaporation certificates for wood products
  • Health certificates for food products
  • Quality certificates are requested in some countries such as Algeria, Morocco, and China.

Papers required to import any shipment from Turkey

  • Commercial or industrial register
  • Import Card (Import Permit)
  • Tax card
  • Payment document by the bank (document proving the transfer of invoice value outside the country of the importer)
  • General authorization of the customs broker certified by the chamber of commerce or industry.

Valuable tips and information about import from Turkey

It may seem to you that you need significant capital to work in the field of import and export, but actually, you can establish your business with sufficient equity as a start, then expand your activities after having a better understanding of the market through experience, and gathering information. So you can get offers Import from Turkey with the lowest possib[le expenses.

There are some things to consider when importing from Turkey

You must observe the product quality standards and their conformity with the specific specifications, also free from the manipulation of some companies and factories in quality, to ensure a good presence in the target market. In case you do not have sufficient experience in the examination of your imported goods you can use some of the companies specialized in the examination of Imported goods.

Also, critical things that may be overlooked by Importers are not stating the country of origin or source of origin. This leads to the rejection of your goods in the customs and to charge you a penalty, so you have to pay attention to this matter thoroughly, if your products were manufactured in Turkey, there must be a statement MADE IN TURKEY to avoid any problems or penalties



  1. hello,
    I am going to buy products from turkey into do EU.
    presently I do not have any ltd here in EU.
    I am writing from EU .
    I need helping the import EU process.
    thank you

      • Salam Mr Omar,
        I wold like to import ARGAN OIL and product from it to Turkey what is the procedures
        Best Regards

          • bonjour.
            Mon partenaire et moi resident en turquie tous les deux, aimerions ouvrir notre propre bureaux d export à Istanbul.
            Export : textiles, meubles, materiel de construction, alimentaires, electronics, ustensiles, etc.

            Nous aimerions crée la Société et faire toute les demarches avec vous. Merci de nous procurer votre contact pour prendre rendez vous et se réunir sur table.

          • Dear Mr. Moataz,
            It was my pleasure to meet you. You can always contact me on this number 00905495258000.

  2. i would like to know more about importation into turkey and licences to be collected as i want free consultation to guide me

    • Dear Merce,
      For doing this activity you must establish a company with 100,000TL as an announced capital.
      You will be provided with some information regarding establishing a company in Turkey, kindly check your email.

  3. Hello , I’m interested fot export our products to Pakistan- Indıa- Morocco – Kenya etc. Our products are about the farming and milking machinery.
    How could we do? Waiting your feedback, good day

    • Hello,
      You should establish a company with 100,000 Tl or more as an announced capital, and add the import-export activity to it.
      Then you can make export, or you can give POA for one of the customs brokers from the company’s name to make export for you.

  4. Is it mandatory for one to have a company in his country before he/she can engage with the Import-Export activity?
    I saw the different packages on your site and am really impressed with the benefits that come with it.
    Am interested in the Motor Spare Parts business. I would love a step-step analysis on how to register a company in Turkey, creating an enabling environment for the company and consumers, the stipulated amount of the money needed to set up such a company.

    • I would like to thank you for your comment
      your question has been answered through your email address in addition to some information about company establishment in Turkey, kindly check

  5. What do you need from India. I frequently will be travelling to Turkey . So do let me know of the opportunities for exports from India to Turkey and vice versa.

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