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With more than 60 branches all around Turkey, Alsancak has become a leading company in the industry of pastry in the Turkish market. The franchise started with a small bakery in IZMIR city until it reached 25 Turkish cities which qualified the company to possess a great market share.

Alsancak has succeeded to obtain a large share of the Turkish pastry market; thanks to the distinguished experience it provides to its customers in terms of quality of service. There is a diversity of options in more than 300 items that are produced daily. Also, its branches are distributed between Izmir and several other Turkish cities.

Why the Investment in Alsancak has Huge Growth Potential?

  • The brand supports the investor to achieve success by rewarding a return on his investment.
  • The brand produces high-quality products that have given the brand a great market share.
  • Safe investment as your project enters the Turkish market as a part of a well-known brand name.
  • Providing professionally trained staff to serve the customer.
  • The brand offers a familiar Turkish food list with high demand.
  • The diversity of options in more than 300 items produced daily, so has become very popular with the Turkish Customer.

How can you start your investment with Alsancak?

  • Alsancak gives permission to the investors to use their franchise for 10 years.
  • The franchise fee is 90,000 TL for 10 years, with great support provided to the investor such as trained labor, raw materials, and products ready for sale for 2000 TL as a monthly transporting fee, in addition to KDV (VAT) or sale tax which is 18%.
  • There are no charges that must be paid monthly for the brand, which means the whole profit margin will be of the investor’s share.
  • The construction costs for a 200 meters branch will be between 200,000 TL to 250,000 TL
  • The total investment is between $80,000 and $100,000.
  • For launching a business in Turkey, you have to establish a company to be permitted to start your partnership with any brand.

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