One of the strongest and most successful brands in the world in the field of retail coffeehouse chains. The Australian company, which started in 1979 with one branch in Chicago, succeeded to expand to operate more than 1000 branches across 39 different countries.

Gloria Jeans chain started operating their business in Turkey in 1999, since then the famous brand has become the favorite destination for coffee lovers across Turkey, with more than 82 branches spread in 25 Turkish cities. The brand has reputable renown in Turkey with high-quality service provided for the customers.

Established mainly in Istanbul and Izmir, the brand has possessed a significant market share in this market which allowed the brand to be familiar for the Turkish consumer, which gives the projects carrying the brand name a competitive advantage in the Turkish market.

Why the investment in Gloria Jeans has huge growth potential?

  • In 10 years existing in the Turkish market, Gloria Jeans established a brand among the coffee makers in the country with a unique experience that offers the customer, exceptional quality, and a wide-range diversity of products. Maintaining the quality of the services across the chain branches has granted a quality-based reputation, which helped in increasing the demand for their products in the Turkish market, which makes an investment that carries their brand name has growth rates that secure an exponential return on investment with average sales 100 to 150 thousand TL per month from which the investor receives around 40% as a net profit.
    Gloria Jeans provides the essential raw materials, products and well-trained staff for the new branches, in order to spare the investor a lot of hassle.
  • The brand provides regular training for the staff in order to maintain the same quality of the service across the branches and support the investors to succeed.
  • Gloria Jeans succeeded to maintain and grow its customers through extraordinary care given to the quality of the products especially coffee which is the favorite drink for Turkish customers.

How could you start your investment with Gloria Jeans?

  • To start your investment in Turkey, you have to establish a company with an activity that allows you to get into partnership with a brand in turkey and start running your business in the franchise. OK TAMAM provides you full consultation packages to launch your investment in franchising successfully.
  • We support you with the required consultations to establish your company and to get all the permissions and governmental papers.
  • After starting your own company, you can start taking your actual steps to get into a partnership with Gloria Jeans.
  • We help you from the legal aspect in the process of contract agreement with the franchise and help you in cooperation with the brand through the required operations to get your branch ready to open.
  • Gloria Jeans allows the investor to own the franchise for 5 years for a financial counterpart estimated at 250 thousand TL which is rewarding
  • when comparing the charges of the partnership with the return on investment during those years
  • Gloria Jeans doesn’t charge any goods carriage fees to the branch but attains 6% of the branch’s income before deduction of the expenses.
  • The average required area of a new branch is 200 meters, and the location is
  • The average required area of a new branch is 200 meters, and the location must be chosen by the investor. and OK TAMAM Group with Gloria Jeans might specify a suitable location for you.

The total amount required for the investment is about 200 thousand dollars

why investment in Turkey

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