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In this section you will get to know about something important, that is: What are the reasons that can motivate you to start investing in Turkey, and what are the best investment opportunities according to the current situation?

Overview Of Current Situation For Investment in Turkey

  • Turkey is now among the top middle-income countries with a gross domestic product of $799.54 billion annually, Placing this country at the 17th position as a global economic power and a distinct investment country.
  • In less than a decade, the annual Income per Capita has almost tripled, and Turkey’s per capita income now exceeds $10.500 a year.
  • Turkey is also a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Group of 20, and an essential donor to bilateral ODA (Support Measures Portal for Least Developed Countries).
  • The country is globally known for its quality products and has also become a reliable source of high-quality consumer goods. Turkey is now Europe’s largest producer of TVs and light commercial vehicles.
  • Turkish goods and products are actively present in the German market because of their accuracy and quality.
  • Turkey is also the eighth largest food producer in the world and the sixth most popular tourist destination. Moreover, there are also 43 Turkish companies among the top 250 global construction companies.
  • Ten years ago, the textile and textile industry deteriorated sharply, but now it has become a sophisticated industry and exports higher quality goods to Europe.
  • Exports have jumped dramatically in recent years, reaching 325% from 2002 -2012.
  • Between 2002 and 2007, the Turkish economy grew at a rate of 6.8% annually. The growth rate during the last decade was about 3.5%.
  • By 2007, the Turkish economy had shifted from the traditional agricultural activities in rural areas to “very dynamic” Industrial complexes, spread in major cities with advanced services, with the agricultural sector accounting for 11.9% of GDP while industrial industries accounted for 23.7%, And service accounted for 64.5%. The tourism sector has also been overgrown in recent years and has become an essential part of the economy.
  • In 2005 there were more than 24 million visitors in Turkey; they contributed more than $18 billion to the Turkish economy.
Types of Companies in Turkey

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Now let's talk about the important opportunities for investment in Turkey


Import & Export Vehicles

Export of cars, spare parts, and accessories is one of the best areas for export from Turkey, where it occupied the first rank in the list of export from Turkey by 20 billion dollars for the previous year

Plastic Manufacturing & Plastic Products

Plastic products are very diverse, and it is a distinctive sector for investment in Turkey, where the proportion of exports of plastic materials last year was 5 billion dollars.

Iron & Steel Manufacturers

Turkey is also famous for iron and steel, which was exported about 5 billion dollars last year and Turkey is characterized by the quality of iron and various steel industries

Fruits & Vegetables

Turkey is called the European food basket, because of the diversity of its environment, which allows Turkey to grow many types of vegetables and fruits, Turkey is distinguished by the quality of its vegetables and fruit. Therefore, the agricultural sectors and the export o are distinguished sectors of investment in Turkey.

Jewelery & Precious Metals

The jeweler and precious metals sector is one of the most vital sectors both in the local market and the foreign market. The export rate in 2016 was about 13 billion dollars, besides the domestic market.

Clothing, Textiles, and Accessories

Turkish clothing is considered the best attire regarding quality and fame around the world,

Turkey’s textile and clothing exports are estimated at $ 30 billion a year. The garment manufacturing sector in Turkey is also a distinct sector, As all countries of the world are importing Turkish clothes.


Electrical Equipment Supplies

The sector of the construction and electrical equipment such as lighting, construction, cables… etc. is a very vital sector within the Turkish market, the exports of construction materials sector in Turkey last year is 8 billion dollars, in addition to domestic consumption.

What are the advantages of establishing a company in Turkey?

When you establish a company in Turkey you will get the following benefits:
  • The Turkish market is classified as one of the top 20 most economic markets in the world with a significant purchasing power.
  • Easy marketing of your product or services within the EU.
  • Easy to export because the Turkish government exempts exports from any taxes. This is one of the reasons for the preference for investment in Turkey.
  • Getting a work/residency permit which allows you to get citizenship after 5 years.
  • Health insurance for you and your family gives you free treatment in all state hospitals.
  • Schools and universities are free for your family members.
  • Social Security is an amount of compensation granted to you by the Turkish government in case of closure or loss of the company, but the company must remain effective for at least two years.
  • The pension is a sum that is paid to you by the Turkish government after your work for a specified period in Turkey.
  • Support from the Ministry of Economy in the case of marketing Turkish products and holding exhibitions and events for your company abroad.

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