You may have heard about the exciting opportunities that you can avail being a Turkish citizen. Many people out there want to become Turkish citizens for the enormous facilities one can get as a citizen in the country. So, you may want to know now what are the benefits of getting Turkish citizenship.

As Turkey has recently shown its advancement, development, economic growth, and political stability, it has become so difficult for the world to keep its eyes away from the captivating charm of the country. This has become a major reason for the better ranking of Turkish passports and has increased the value of being a Turkish citizen. Due to the revived goals of the Turkish government, the country is expected to be on the list of most developed countries in the coming era.

The advantages of Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport:

  • You become a resident of one of the dominant countries in the economic and political sphere
  • The Turkish passport rank is 36th in the global ranking of passports.
  • The Turkish passport enables you to enter 72 countries without a visa, 42 countries grant you a visa upon arrival, and 6 countries grant an electronic visa.
  • Ease of doing legal transactions as a Turkish citizen.
  • Advantages of free services, such as education.
  • Keeping your original nationality, as Turkey allows you to have another nationality.
  • Exemption from military service if you are over the age of 22.
  • Work anywhere without the need for a work permit.
  • A safe social environment that contains many different religions and cultures.
  • Permanently infrastructure development.

why investment in Turkey

The most prominent ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property with a value of $250,000 at least

You can avail Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in the country worth $250,000 at least.

The total value of the owned property must be $250,000 at least, to apply for Turkish citizenship, with the condition of a written commitment to not to sell the property in less than 3 years.

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship while purchasing a property:

    • Tapu paper (title deed of the real estate).
    • A real estate evaluation report by an evaluation institution licensed by the Turkish government.
    • Payment receipts for the buyer and seller are notarized by a bank stamp.
    • Passport translation for family members attached with a copy of the last visa (entry visa).


Turkish citizenship by investment in Turkey

Some investors prefer to get Turkish citizenship directly without establishing a company in Turkey and to obtain a work permit that allows the investor to apply for citizenship after five years.

OK TAMAM provides you with a tracking service for the transaction of Turkish citizenship, which the investor and his family can get through:

      • Investing a fixed capital of at least $500,000 for not less than 3 years.
      • Depositing $500,000 in a Turkish bank, not for less than 3 years.
      • Purchasing property or borrowing bonds $500,000 on the condition of not selling them for 3 years at least.

Documents required to apply for Turkish citizenship upon investment:

      • A copy of the passport that is translated and authorized (OK TAMAM provides you this service).
      • Personal photos, size 6 x 4.
      • Birth certificates translated and authorized (OK TAMAM provides you this service).
      • If the investor is married, copies of family passports must be attached.
      • If the investor was married, the marriage contract or family book certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Turkish embassy in the country of the applicant must be attached, or the Apostille stamp.
      • Residence/home address outside Turkey.
      • Residence/home address within Turkey.
      • The mobile number and email of the investor.

Turkish citizenship by residency

Turkish citizenship is granted to the residents who live in the country for continuous five years, and the work residency is extracted by establishing a company in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship can be attained by appointing 50 Turkish employees and paying for their social security insurance.

Turkish citizenship by appointing 50 Turkish employees and paying their social security insurance

What does OK TAMAM provide you:

We help you with all procedures related to obtaining Turkish citizenship, and the following are the necessary steps:

      • Establishing a company in Turkey and obtaining a work permit.
      • The power of attorney (POA) to complete the procedures of Turkish citizenship.
      • Opening your bank account, in case you do not have an account in a Turkish bank then you may deposit the amount of $500,000.
      • Helping you to obtain a temporary Turkish residency for investors until citizenship is issued.
      • Following up on your application procedures and your file until citizenship is issued.
      • Accompany you to the Ministry of Immigration to sign, fingerprint, and finish the procedures.

Your Turkish citizenship will be issued within 3 months from the date of depositing the amount in the bank account.

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