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This page provides you with information about the best choice for investors, to improve the competition environment, increase the quality and share the success with the strongest brands in Turkey.

Are you looking for an investment in Turkey with guaranteed profit?

OK TAMAM provides its services if you need to invest your money in a franchise in Turkey’s oldest and largest brands. You can get all that you need in the required field with our partnership.

What is the franchise investment?

Investing in a franchise means keeping a partnership in the trade name, with one of the famous brands in Turkey and investing your money in buying the right to share their trade name on your project. Through this, you can also get the benefits from their experience in the Turkish market.

Why a franchise in Turkey is the best investment?

    • Investing in a franchise is a safe investment with active growth opportunities for your capital.
    • As a part of your partnership with the brand, The brand will deal with all the processes of recruiting, qualifying, and training the staff.
    • The profit margins up to 40% on the investment ensure a decent life for you and your family.
    • As you become an owner of an active business in Turkey, you will be able to get your work permit and will be allowed to renew it annually.
    • OK TAMAM and its partners provide full support to you during the stages and procedures for establishing your business; to help you to overcome the language barriers that are becoming a hindrance for you.

How to start your investment in the franchise?

  • First: Before starting the investment process, you need to establish a company that owns your project in a legal manner. learn more
  • Second: Every brand has its minimum investment for accepting the partnership with any investor. OK TAMAM group brings you partnership opportunities with leading brands in the Turkish market and you can choose the partnership that suits your budget.

The partnership cost

  • The investor will be given the right to use the brand name for a specific time period and a certain capital. On the other hand, the franchise provides great support for investors’ success, by providing trained staff, raw materials, and ready-to-use products, prepared in a particular monthly cost set by the franchise, in addition to the KDV tax or sales tax.
  • Branch finishings cost is set according to the location and the space, and it usually starts from 200 thousand TL.
  • The total costs of franchising and establishing a new branch are approximately from 80 to 100,000 dollars.

Why invest through OK TAMAM?

    • As we have a partnership with the most successful and leading brands in the Turkish market, OK TAMAM offers you the opportunity to invest your money in opening a new branch of any of these, Turkish pastries and sweets chain, Alsancak, Ünlü, Mamuller, and Gloria Jeans Coffee chain, as these are the famous brands with great market share.
    • Establishing the company without any additional or hidden fees, after selecting the package that suits you.
    • OK TAMAM provides you with a virtual address that allows you to start your project, and during that duration, you can search and find a suitable place for you.
    • Ok TAMAM helps you in looking for a suitable location for your project on your behalf.
    • Free legal consultancy for a year as the OK TAMAM Group has a large group of professional consultants in all investment specialties.
    • Obtaining the merchant card, which is an identification card given to businessmen in Turkey, to use some hotels, restaurants, and health centers.
    • Free accounts book for the first year.
    • OK TAMAM provides you with Business Cards so you can start your business directly.
    • Getting the official domain of your company, which you can apply after establishing your company, so OK TAMAM will register the name for you in addition to hosting your website for one year for free.
    • In case you want to have your own BookKeeper (accountant) outside the OK TAMAM group, we help you find one by nominating a group of the best-chartered accountants that we deal with and whom we trust.
    • Selection of companies’ landline, internet, and mobile lines.
    • Registering your company’s website on Google Maps as an official Turkish company, to help your customers reach you easily.
    • 50% discount on the design of your website or application in Arabic and Turkish so you can be able to market your services.

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